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It is not just a matter of writing a comparing and contrasting features of anything rather it needs an adequate platform to fill the content within your essay. You need to substantially plan a Compare and Contrast Essay to reveal all the thoughts aligned with the topic. The importance of this essay cannot be overlooked as it enables two different objects to be compared based on their distinctive characteristics.  You can also ask online essay writer to do do my essay.

Tactics to organize 

You can organize this essay in two ways.

  1.           Point-by-Point technique
  2.           Block technique

Under the first method, arguments addressing the two objects (X and Y) are altered that have been compared or contrasted. The pattern is given below:

  • Argument followed up by association among X and Y
  • Point b – Discuss X
  • Point b – Discuss Y
  • Argument followed up by association among X and Y


This approach is easier to understand for a reader as key differences and similarities are obvious. So, this method is often used by essayists to compose lengthy essays. A professional essay writer will know about all the necessary writing conventions for high quality papers.


Similar to the Block approach, the Point-by-point technique also provides an essay outline. An outstanding intro and conclusion must be included in the outline. 

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Under the block approach, all arguments about X are compared and contrasted to arguments about Y. But using this method in an essay is a little bit tough due to excessive space between points related to X as well as points related to Y, so normally preferred for short essays. The pattern is given below:

  • Point a about X
  • Point b about Y
  • Point a about Y (linked to X)
  • Point b about X (linked to Y)

Points to Ponder

  • When you have to compare multiple objects, situations, or themes that are not similar to each other, you are supposed to use the pattern instead of organizing by an object. 
  • In both types of this essay, classify object by object in which you will outline all the key aspects of the first object thoroughly before stepping in towards the next object. 
  • You could even have a single paragraph of similarities rather than making a separate section to express each point of contrast. The same approach could apply to addressing the key differences. 

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